Unleash The Full Potential Of Every Pig

Farmsee™ provides pig producers with comprehensive information
about every pig, as if it was the only pig they grow.

The insightful way to grow livestock

FarmSee™ utilizes the most advanced Computer-Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, to provide pig producers with critical information that was previously unattainable, enabling them to make informed decisions based on real data from their farms.

  • Optimize release weights
  • Ensure animal welfare
  • Improve biosecurity level
  • Maximize profits

Pig production has never been so precise

Planned Release

Plan ahead with a full 3 weeks forecast of the individual weight for every pig on your farm

Automatic Sorting

Get an automatic and optimized list of animals for release according to accurate individual weights

FCR Optimization

Utilize your feed to the maximum, by constant monitoring of weight accumulation compared to feed intake

Climate Optimization

Optimize your farms’ climate control system according to the actual weight of the pigs in each room

Sickness Alert

Improve the health of your herd, with early detection of diseases, and identification of under-performing pigs

Mortality & Theft Alert

Get daily alerts for pigs’ mortality and for missing animals in every pen throughout your farms

Partner with the global leaders

FarmSee™ offers a robust solution thoroughly tested in diverse geographies, encompassing a wide range of pig breeds, genetics, and operational conditions.

All major pig breads

• No need to train the system in your farm
• Auto support for breed/genetics change

Over 100K manual weighings

• High accuracy at any weight
• High accuracy across breeds
• High accuracy across genetics

Various operational system

• Small and large pens alike
• Dry or wet feeders
• Natural light or artificial

The future of pig farming is now

FarmSee™ provides AI-driven cameras that monitor your herd
and provide continuous insights, to make the best decisions
based on accurate factual information on all the pigs you grow.



data per pig

support system

FarmSee’s enhanced monitoring and analytics
capabilities, provide you with actionable insights
that revolutionize pig farming as we know it

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