Pig production

has never been so precise and profitable

Meet the world’s first camera-based pig weighing sensor combined with a user-friendly web application that will support you in all your major farming decisions


The revolutionary pig farm decision support system

Our mission is to allow pig producers means for better decision-making that will enable an optimized growth process.

FarmSee’s revolutionary system allow you to:

  • Increase quality and volume of pig meat
  • Reduce production costs 
  • Improve the pigs’ welfare
  • Maximize the farms’ profits

We have developed the world’s first camera-based weighing sensor. The sensor, which is installed above each pen, accurately weigh, 24/7, each individual pig from afar without human interference.

This information is transferred, in real time, to our cloud-based software, where it is processed. Based on the pigs’ weight we than present you, via the web application, all the insights that you need in order to make smart farming decisions. For example: When to evacuate pigs to the slaughtery so you will be able to reach maximum weight and uniformity of the pigs while avoiding overweight penalties, When is the optimal time to switch food compositions so that you will minimize your FCR, Identify sick pigs as soon as possible so that you can treat them promptly and avoid herd infection, Plus many more cool features…

Awesome Features

For the first time ever pig producers are able to know each pig’s weight daily. This enables some awesome and helpful features


Why choose us?

Our system is designed to serve you just where you need it most – maximize your profits, ease both your operation and decision making and allow the pigs optimized welfare


Unique and advanced tech

Our sensor’s technology is based on computer vision and neural networks algorithms

Camera-based monitoring system with individual pig recognition

Accurate prediction of daily individual pig weight

Standard color tags to identify individual pigs, up to 64 codes

Low cost sensor, installed above each pen

Centric cloud data system

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